Kim has always been very connected with her pets and has always had the ability to know what her animal companions were thinking. It was not until several years ago that she realized she had the ability to communicate with all animals. A lady who owns a wellness center in her hometown contacted her and asked her if she¬†would do an animal communication for one of her clients. She told Kim that she had a gift that God had given her and that she was not using it. So, with one phone call, it all began. Kim has hundreds of clients all across the United States who have found out about her only through word of mouth. Now, in honoring her life’s purpose, she has decided to follow her heart to help as many animals and their human guardians as possible by creating this website and making herself known worldwide.


How Animal Communication Works

Animals are telepathic which means they speak through visual images, thoughts, feelings, and other sensations. As an animal communicator, Kim acts as the translator between you and your animal companion. Kim works solely from a picture of your animal and never has to be in their presence. When connecting spirit to spirit, distance is irrelevant which also allows Kim to connect to the animal whether they are in physical form or have passed away.
Kim does not work “live” on the phone. By connecting in a quiet place, she can concentrate fully on the messages and images that the animal wants to convey, without distractions. She spends about an hour in deep meditation in which she first clears her mind and creates a safe space for the animal. Through connecting telepathically, Kim then encourages them to share thoughts and feelings which they would like to make known. During this time, Kim will be taking notes of all the information she receives so that she can fully inform you. Afterwards, Kim will email or text you in order to set up a time to speak by phone to share your animal companion’s communication.
As well as an Animal Communicator, Kim is also a Reiki Master & Intuitive Energy Healer, a Zoological Cryptographic Analyst and an Ordained Minister. She has studied Holistic Healthcare for Companion Animals, which includes: Natural Nutrition, Aromatherapy & Flower Essences, and Bodywork in Tellington TTouch & Healing Touch. Currently she is writing several children’s books, which have been dictated by animals.

“Please contact me if you’ve ever wondered what your animal companion would say if they were given the opportunity.” ¬†— Kim