I contacted Kim recently because we have a pony that lives in town, and I wanted to know if he needed/wanted to be on a farm instead. We struggled with whether or not we needed to find him a new home. She knew very little about him or us and yet was able to communicate several things from our pony such as his love of my son, his love of oranges and the fact that we had decorated most of our house except for his personal area 🙂 lol. She was also able to communicate a few specific needs that our pony wanted, mainly that he needed a friend, and he asked for a goat! We had long suspected that we needed to provide a pasture pet for him, and this was just the push we needed. The pony also was very attached to my son, but rarely would stand still for me to work with him. The day after I spoke with Kim, I walked right over to our pony and brushed him with no problem. He had not done that in 3 years. This weekend, he’s getting a goat! We are so grateful for Kim’s ability to help us understand our beloved pony a little better. I would recommend her to anyone wanting better insight into the heart of their pet.

Lightning Bug

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