I can verify that Kim really did communicate with both of my English Mastiffs.

I had concerns about health issues and some behaviors that I wanted to change (or at least understand).

All she needed from me was to email her a picture of each, their name, age, type of dog, the questions I wanted asked and what I wanted them to know.
Both of my Mastiffs shared specific information that only someone who was truly accessing them remotely could have known, otherwise you would have had to be with them on my private property when these things occurred to know of them. Kim was able to identify these two dogs and communicate in a way that they were receptive to, and be able to relay what they said and thought.

Additionally I had Kim make specific request to one of our dogs asking him to stop certain practices. His behavior in those matters has remarkably changed.

I can most highly recommend Kim to anyone who has a need to communicate with their pet.

Kim clearly has a gift.



Baylor and Mason

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