I was thrilled and amazed by the outcome of Kim channeling my little Chihuahua Belle. Kim has never been to my home nor did I share any information with her. She shared things about our home and about Belle that would have only applied to Belle. We feed her up on a foot stool and keep her water in a separate area. Kim was able to describe our strange setup. She talked about how Belle is very proud of her singing. Belle is the only dog that I have had who sings! Kim described Belle’s favorite toy and the fact that she just keeps it around for comfort. Belle always makes sure that her toy is where ever she is (none of my other dogs have ever done that). Most amazing of all is the fact that Belle shared a desire to own a new pink name tag with rhinestones. I had just taken her to the pet store the day beforeand showed her a bright pink name tag with rhinestones. Needless to say, we went back and bought it. There seems to be a different sense about Belle now. She is calmer and seems happier. I will definitely keep in touch with my little Belle through Kim in the future.



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