I met Kim several years ago and know her to be a very sweet, caring, and honest person who truly loves animals, so I was sure when I contacted her about Calli (my rescue puppy) that she’d give it her best effort to answer my questions about my “challenge dog”. I was totally shocked when Kim told me that Calli has seizures and a sore left paw – I knew that already, but Kim didn’t, and I had never told ANYONE about the issue with her foot. Kim also found out a lot about Calli’s life with her previous owner that I hadn’t shared with her. As she revealed more answers to my questions, I had to laugh – Calli sounds like a typical adolescent kid! I’ve had quite a few chats with Miss Sassypants about her name and her diet and other issues that Kim discovered. One big problem we’ve had is leash walking – walking Calli is like dragging a hunk of cement down the road. Calli told Kim that she doesn’t like walking because it’s boring (too bad!) – and because I’m always thinking of Cassie, my last dog who died in September 2012. She was spot on about that, so I am trying to give Calli my undivided attention on walks and she’s doing a little better. Kim has many talents; I am so glad she’s using this particular one in such a wonderful way!



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