Kim was referred to me by a trusted friend. I reached out as I was planning a vacation and wanted to make sure my rabbit Cooper understood where we would be going and wouldn’t be lonely. He suffers from some chronic illnesses and I wanted to ask if he felt ok before we left.

Kim went above and beyond. I have a deep connection with Cooper and can tell when he’s in a meditative relaxed state, which he was while they were connecting. She really understood his personality and gave me many insights which proved this was “him.” I was able to go on vacation assured that all was well.

She also gave me some information on Cooper’s desires, and we are working on that project together.

I highly recommend Kim to anyone needing to connect with their animal. She made sure Cooper was comfortable and spent a great deal of time with him, then also with me explaining everything. I will certainly use her services in the future and have also recommended her to friends.



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