I reached out to Kim to help my sweet Ellie when conventional medicine seemed to fail her.  Ellie has always been a special puppy with many health issues and needs that have been very hard to diagnose. She has spent most of her short life in and out of various doctor’s offices but I have vowed to give her the best possible life no matter how long or short.  At 4 years old Ellie’s health was beginning to fail in such a way that death was imminent.  I felt an overwhelming need to reach out to Kim for help.  She conducted a reading with Ellie from just a simple picture.  I was very deliberate in not providing Kim with any details about Ellie’s health issues and I was shocked when she suggested that Ellie might possibly need a blood transfusion. I immediately made an appointment with my vet and discovered that Ellie did indeed need a blood transfusion right away and would have most likely died that night without the transfusion.  Kim was able to tell me things about Ellie that there was no way she could have known from a picture.  Ellie and I spent the morning on the day of the reading outside in the sun together. Ellie had been very sick for several days prior to the reading and we spent most of our time indoors.   Kim later told me how much Ellie enjoyed being out in the sun with me and how she loved to feel the warmth of the sun.  Kim also told me many things about Ellie that only I knew such as her favorite blanket, how she likes her food, her skin sensitivity and that she is cold all the time.  Kim shared with me things that could not be known simply from a picture and I was convinced that she had most definitely spoken with Ellie.  Kim also told me that Ellie really wanted to play Frisbee and that it looked like fun to her.  It was not until I shared the reading with my family that I would fully understand her desire to play Frisbee. As I told my family about the Frisbee I could see my son’s face begin to change and I could tell this meant something only to him. I did not know this but every day while my husband and I are at work, my son plays a game with a blue Frisbee in the house.  He opens up the doors to a closet at the end of the hallway and tries to land the Frisbee in a basket. Apparently, Ellie sits and watches him plays Frisbee.  

I highly recommend Kim!  Ellie and I have always had an unbreakable bond but after our reading with Kim I have found that the bond between us is stronger and that Ellie and I have a deeper understanding of each other.  Kim is wonderful, compassionate and has a true gift. I will continue to call on Kim as Ellie and I try to navigate what remaining time Ellie has left with me.  I will be forever grateful for Kim and her gift.  



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