My first (and not last) encounter with Miss Kim was unbelievable. I am the pet parent of three wonderfully rambunctious pups. Gypsy is my youngest and biggest. Our personalities were so different, I didn’t feel like she was happy and I wasn’t sure what to do about it. As my last resort before trying to find her a better home I asked Kim if she could help me out. Not exactly knowing what to expect but hoping for the best I opened up everything I was feeling to her about Gypsy. My love, my concerns and fears and Kim makes you feel so welcomed and cared for that I knew this was the best option for us. Getting her the information was very easy and no hassle and before I knew it Kim told me that she had already made a connection with Gypsy.

We sat on the phone for a while and I listened to her as she told me what Gypsy had showed her and I was blown away. Everything she said couldn’t have come from anyone else other that my little diva. She told Kim of some of our fun times like dancing in the living room, she told her about wanting more adventures with me (which is something with both crave and need, desperately.) Gypsy kept reassuring her that she loved me and was made to be with me and that was one of the most reassuring words I could have heard. Since Gypsy was a puppy I felt drawn to her that she was meant to be with me, to teach me something and I didn’t know what that was yet and she showed Kim and she was my hope, and she was still with me teaching me lessons. The lesson is still unclear but without Kim’s help I would have re-homed Gypsy and been mistaken in my thoughts that she would be happier when now I know that she is happiest with me. Before my phone call with Kim I was shopping online for collars for the pups and Gypsy’s I had picked out first, a turquoise/Navajo print collar with a glitter band. Kim had NO way of knowing I had just ordered that. Later that night as she was telling me what Gypsy had showed her she said, “Now, Gypsy said she wants a new collar and it has to be turquoise with glitter on it” and my jaw just dropped! My little Diva is all I kept thinking to myself. Since Gypsy’s reading with Kim, our relationship has changed. I know better how to communicate with her and know what her cues mean and she is much gentler with me as well. Being reassured that Gypsy is meant to be with our tribe has been the best gift ever. Thank you so much Miss Kim, you gave my tribe the wholeness and reassurance it needed. <3



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