Isabella’s Testimonial:

I often wondered why Isabella seemed closer to my husband. She would sit on his lap for hours. If he was still she was sitting on his lap. It seemed as if she was scared of me. I never harmed her in any way so I couldn’t figure it out. She would only sit with me if I was brushing or rubbing her. As soon as I stopped she would get down or move to my husbands lap. After sending Kim a picture, a few questions and concerns, Kim revealed several things that we could do to make Isabella happier in our home. Isabella’s behavior has changed tremendously. She now talks to me all day and sits with me every time I am still. Thank you Kim, you truly have a great gift in connecting humans to their fur babies. As humans we have a hard time believing that our animals know us way better then we know ourselves! Keep on translating, I am sure I will have more questions and Isabella will surely have more requests. Much love to you!



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