I have several kitties so was having a hard time figuring out which kitty had a UTI (I found “evidence” in my bathtub so knew someone was sick) & since males are more prone to them, started with my boys, Jasper & Zipper…when Kim reached out, Jasper said no, it wasn’t him but quickly told her he was the boss of everyone because someone has to keep all the crazies in line-if you knew Jasper, you’d know how true this is haha!   When she got to Zipper he said yes, but then the little stinker changed his mind & said no(Km & I both figured that meant it was him-well, it was & he’s now being treated) & also told Kim he loves music & dancing-he & I dance around my living room all the time because I Always have happy music playing!  Good to know he loves it as much as I do!   I’ve had Kim communicate with several of my furbabies & always, always feel even more connected to them afterwards & love getting their perspective on our life’s journey together! 


Jasper and Zipper

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