Dear Kim,
Your reading came at a good time. Jingles and I were in need of some knowledge to go forth in our walk together. Your discussions with Jingles brought new insights and assisted in providing some healing to physical concerns.

Thanks to you I now know what her likes, dislikes and desires are. We have been looking for a ‘Baby Seal stuffed toy’ and placed a call to ‘Saving the Seals’. Our wishes are out there. Yesterday, Jingles received a box and when I opened it, a precious baby white seal popped out. The look on her face was – how did you know Mom? What joy it brought her.

Her weight is of concern; however, she seems to understand when I tell her – we are trying to cut back! Her desire to see the ocean may come this fall.

Jingles and I have always felt connected but thanks to your reading, her feelings and desires are understood. Your gift is heaven sent. Now I know my ‘Jingle Bell’.

Bless you, Kim.


Jingle Bell

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