I just wanted to share a few things about the recent Communication with my beautiful Japanese Spitz, Kashi. We are currently having a serious health issue … The communication was so comforting to me in knowing that she understands that she is being helped with this issue. The additional tidbits about her likes and dislikes were spot on ~ some were preferences I was not aware of, others where things I already intuitively knew and it was
So nice to have solid confirmation.

I especially loved the images in her photo that you brought to my attention. It makes me realize that there is “so much out there” and we do not take notice of or readily perceive. These images were so amazing that I have shared this with several individuals. What I found interesting, is that some could not see anything, however, these images jump right out at me.

Many thanks Kim for sharing this very special gift. I look forward to having additional sessions for my other dogs.

Love & light always ….


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