One of my cats was having some health issues. I had visited the vet numerous times trying to figure out how I could help my cat feel better. After many sets of xrays, bodily manipulation, animal chiropractor visits as well as appts. for animal acupuncture; I chose to research and use an animal communicator. I decided that communicating with my cat might prove to be the best avenue to find out how I can help my cat, “Leo”.

I called and talked to Kim for an initial consult. She told me to send her a picture of Leo and his age along with the questions I wanted answered regarding Leo. Kim said she will “read” Leo to hear what he says.

Kim and I scheduled a consult time so I could hear and discuss what she heard from Leo. Knowing my cat’s personality and quirks; what Kim told me sounded just like I would expect Leo to tell me! Through Leo’s words, I found out how he wanted me to help him. The details of what Leo wanted was amazing!

Since his reading, I have done and am in the process of completing Leo’s “wish list”. I have seen a difference in Leo’s symptoms and have been embracing my new found appreciation of his wisdom. I talk to him differently now, because I know he is understanding my words and actions. Oh what our animals can teach us!

I am so thankful and relieved to have found Kim Bracken the animal communicator. Through her ability to talk to Leo, I have found an inner peace….knowing that what I am doing for him are his desires. Kim has been blessed with a beautiful gift. Bridging Kim’s communication skills with the veterinary world creates a powerful tool for helping our animals.



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