If you’re anything like my family, your pets aren’t just pets. They are family members. And while we feel like we interact well with them day to day, sometimes we would love the opportunity to really talk to them. To know what they are thinking, and how they feel!

My family recently went on a trip. We were gone for ten days, and even though we had people checking in on our two kitties, this was their longest stretch ever without regular human interaction. When we came home, we noticed Max had a scratch on his face, and seemed starved for affection. We didn’t think too much of it. We had been gone a while, and sometimes he and Mitten play rough. Well, the scratched spot just kept getting bigger! We worried maybe Mitten was licking him and it couldn’t heal properly. So, we separated the cats. Unfortunately, the scratched areas just got bigger. We were starting to worry. But, not knowing what the cause of his scratching was, we weren’t sure how to proceed. Research on the internet took us everywhere from a food allergy, to OCD. Putting Max on kitty prozac for the rest of his life was not an option for us. It would be so much easier if we could just ask Max ‘what’s wrong?’. So I reached out to Kim.

It is absolutely incredible how much wisdom can be gained from being able to communicate with your furry family members! Kim was able to reach out to Max. He let us know that he was worried when we left, but he is peaceful and happy. We’ve always thought of him as our chill little dude, and it was really neat to find out he is EXACTLY that, projecting peace signs and bright citrus fruit. And Kim is such an enthusiastic supporter. Her optimism when relaying what she learned really helped put my mind at ease.

I feel like we could still be going in circles, trying different foods, visiting vets and generally stressing out. Instead, Kim was able to reassure us, and give us insight into our future dealings with Max. Since she communicated with him, the scratching has stopped! His patches of fur are finally growing back, and he is our happy, laid back cat once more. I will be forever grateful for Kim’s invaluable help!



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