My Rottweiler Mocha hurt his shoulder the day after I discovered I would have to travel for my Dad’s heart surgery. I was so torn with supporting my Mom, who has MS, and my furry baby. I was terrified Mocha would think I was deserting him. Also, the vet’s diagnosis on his injury wasn’t resonating with me. I wanted to get Mocha’s input so I could support him with his healing. I was too close to the situation and needed help from someone who wasn’t emotionally attached.

I’d met Kim at an event and reached out to her for assistance. She was able to connect with Mocha, and help comfort both of us. In her post-connection follow-up, Kim knew things that I hadn’t told her, and spoke in terms that I use when I speak to Mocha. I had no doubt that Kim had communicated with him. Because of Kim, we were able to give Mocha medical care for his injury that made sense, care that wasn’t invasive or needless.

The most interesting thing that came out of Kim’s work with us….Mocha told her he wanted to help in my healing business. When I returned home, I worked with him to create a new animal offering that would help other animal lovers.

I give Kim my highest recommendation. She is a champion for the furry babies in our lives, passionate, caring, and authentic.



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