I’m lucky enough to not only have Kim as a friend but also as a communicator with my dog, Nala. Nala was limping & I was convinced it was because of her arthritis & was worried sick about her being in pain, so it was Aunt Kim (as she’s known to all my furbabies) to the rescue. She & Nala chatted & it quickly became clear it was her allergies causing the limp(due to her licking, her poor paws were raw) Nala told Kim it was like bugs were crawling on her…so off to the vet we went & Finally got some meds to help-when the vet was explaining everything to me, he mentionedthe “bugs”, which amazed me-smart Nala!  On a much brighter note, Kim also told me that Nala loves Sunshine & feels like everyday is her birthday because her mommy loves her so much(awww tear) & that she wants a happy yellow collar! The best part of the whole experience is that I feel like Nala & I are closer than ever since the communication & we are just so grateful to have Kim & her incredible gift in ours lives! 


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