My beloved Brown Labrador Newman passed away back in January of 2009. He was my best friend who I never got a chance to say goodbye to. If there ever was a time where you could feel your heart brake up into pieces, this was that time. When I received the news by phone I just fell to my knee’s and could not keep the tears from running. I knew he was getting older and he had a rough time walking and knew his time was coming but when the time came it was still a shock to me. My best friend had passed away without me saying goodbye to him.

It took quite some time to get use to the fact not having Newman around me. Whether it was a walk around the neighborhood or in the woods, being my passenger in my car or coming into the bathroom with me, he was by my side. He saw every aspect of my personality, some good, some not but no matter what, he had this love for me that never wavered. Lots of times I felt I did not deserve it but it was so strong that eventually he taught me how to love and to forgive, he was my best friend.

Recently I was informed by someone to get in touch with Kim Bracken who has this special gift. Was told Kim has a way to get in touch with a Pet’s Spirit. Was a bit apprehensive about it but curious at the same time. Gave Kim the information she requested and happy that I followed through. Once Kim was able to transcend into Newmans spirit and inform me with the details I felt so much better that his spirit is alive and doing well.

I recommend anyone that is struggling with their pets departure to get in touch with Kim who will do her best to reach out to your pet’s spirit in order for you and your pet to reconnect.



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