Recently Kim Bracken completed a communication session with my dog, Otis. The information I gained from her session was not only insightful but very enlightening on my relationship with Otis.
Due to the information I received from Kim I feel I am better able to address some of Otis’ needs and in turn our relationship has become closer, if that was even possible. Otis was always known to be “Mama’s Boy” but now I feel a deeper connection to him and can even feel him being alert and present when he is with the family.

My husband recently took Otis to visit with some horses, something he requested, and said he was “memorized” by them. We are making it a weekly trip now.

I look forward to working more closely with Kim, as I feel her talents are only beginning.
As a professional pet sitter, I have worked with many animals and their families and I would encourage any of my clients to work with Kim in order to get a better understanding of their pets, in fact I already have.

Deby Thornburg, Owner
4 Paws Home & Pet Services, LLC


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