This is our beautiful cat Priscilla. Very beautiful and sweet girl with a dislike for the litter box. I’ve been dealing with this for a while so I got Kim Bracken, animal communicator to talk with her today. Priscilla surprised us both!
She has been a bird in past lives and when Kim first connected with her she was flying over the lake as an eagle. She called her in to chat with her and my Eagle (cat ) was reluctant at first. Then she began the communication with Kim. For one birds don’t use litter boxes. Kim told her she was a cat this time…..My only requirement of her was to use the litter box. She told her she had an easy life. She liked hanging out in the basement. She liked very cold water in the morning. She wants to come to work with me occasionally so that people can admire her beauty. She misses seeing the rain but she does hear it. She wants catnip toys shape like birds. She wants feathers. She wants to hear birds sounds. She wants to try raw meat. She wants me to take her outside but stay beside her.

She has ice water tonight. She is sitting in the kitchen window tonight. There are cat nip toys in the hall. Our eagle better not pee in the bath tub tonight! Chris is going to get her a bird sounds CD to listen to. She will get some raw turkey this week. I’m going to pick her up a big parrot cage at the restore or second hand shop and let her experience the outside. Maybe hanging in a tree even. Thanks Kim. Please keep telling her that she is a cat like I am doing. Problems with your pets… Call Kim.
At our house… The eagle has landed!



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