Well it has taken me over a month to be able to my feelings into words without falling into tears. You see, my faithful and loyal companion , my best buddy of 15 years passed away just weeks after a wonderful “chat” with my dear friend Kim. Ripley, my yellow lab was approximately 17 years old and I had adopted him from the humane society. He was with me through so many ups and downs and no matter the situation he was always a such a positive in my life. He never complained, was never difficult and always just seemed appreciative to be a part of my life ……turns out that was exactly how he felt. You see, as the signs of aging began setting in and I knew his time here on earth would be coming to an end , I did have a few questions and I turned to Kim to see if she could help me answer them and also to let Ripley know that when he did need to leave his earthly body I really would be ok, sad but ok because of all the joy he had given me over the years.

Kim was wonderful and even brought up a few things that I had completely forgotten! She said Ripley loved those pretzels I used to get. I could not remember specific pretzels and then one day out of the blue after Ripley passed away I remembered ! Tractor Supply carried them for a while, thick stick type with a buttery taste. They came in a plastic container with a twist top and when he heard me open it , he always got excited! This is just one example of bits and pieces that have come together for me over the past several weeks and I am sure even more will …when I least expect them.
I must share one more event from Kim’s first reading with Ripley. He mentioned to her his love for playing with a frog in our yard. I didn’t know anything about this and was trying to figure out what it meant. As the days passed, I didn’t think much more about it until the night Ripley passed away. I was in my living room and as I looked out the door a green frog sat on my glass storm door for several minutes, neither my 10 year old rushing in to see it or or Weimaraner startled it away. What a comforting sign that all was fine, that Ripley was happy and wanted me to know it.

I must tell you that actual morning of Ripley’s passing was extremely difficult and not at all the peaceful ending I had prayed for. It was much too much for me to handle alone. I contacted Kim. She was able to within minutes get back to me and reinforce what I already felt myself. His body was releasing its energy but his spirit was already on its journey. She shared with me what she saw and how beautiful it was. That was such a comfort and helped me through one of the worst experiences of my life.

I have always felt very close to my pups. I am pretty intuitive to their needs and “communicate” all the time with them but Kim has such a gift that goes far beyond what I ever imagined. I am so thankful for her and for the peace of knowing who I can turn to in the future .



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