Friends from work told me about Kim and her ability to communicate with animals and I knew instantly that I wanted her to do a session with my dog Sammy. I was not disappointed.

I adopted Sammy four years ago and it was an instant connection. He immediately settled in and he brought such a sense of peace to me that I can’t think of any other way to describe it other than I had felt like he had always been with me and had always been a part of my life. After a couple of days, I noticed that Sammy seemed to have an obsession with a photo of my daddy that I had hanging on the wall. He would stare at his picture so intensely that one day I asked him out loud if that was granddaddy and he would begin to wag his tail immediately and start whining. My daddy had passed away 4 years earlier.

Through the years, Sammy has been my constant companion through many up and downs in my life and his sweet disposition and loving nature mirrors that of the character my daddy possessed. When I am sad or lost, he senses it so profoundly that once when I was out of town dealing with a very emotional situation I called a friend that was dog sitting and the second I mentioned how I was feeling, she said that Sammy immediately ran in the room whining and climbed on her lap and just kept staring at the phone.

I have always felt that Sammy carries the spirit of my daddy within him and Kim’s session with Sammy confirmed everything that I thought to be true. With no history of my suspicions of this connection, Kim was able to tell me that my daddy had specifically sent Sammy to me and that my relationship with Sammy is a direct reflection of my daddy’s love for me.

She was also able to tell me certain details pertaining to everyday things like how Sammy preferred a certain water bowl that he had previously used when we were staying with a friend. Also that Sammy worried about the back door of our house; a door that you must be sure to pull tight to make sure that the lock catches.

There is no question that Kim has a profound gift and I am so thankful that she has chosen to share this gift with others. She, like Sammy, has given me and amazing sense of peace that I will always be extremely grateful for.



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