We contacted Kim for help with a cat we rescued from a home where she was being picked on by other cats. She had an issue with urinating on beds and couches. We had hoped if she was in a safe place, she would not feel the need to continue this habit.

After a few months of trying all suggestions we could find, we contacted Kim to see if she could help us.

My partner, Jeff, was skeptical but agreed to listen to the call because he really did not want our sweet kitty to go live elsewhere.

Kim had some very good insight, and we noticed changes in Skittles’ behavior immediately. Not only has she not urinated anywhere inappropriate, but she’s been suddenly stuck to me like glue. (One of the things that Kim mentioned in her reading was that Skittles really wanted more of my attention.)
We highly recommend a reading with Kim if you need an animal communicator. She was detailed, caring, and genuine.

We won’t hesitate to call her again if we need her!

Jeff & Riki


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