In doing a reading for a client I had an interesting interruption in my communication session. While I was trying to connect with her dog, a beautiful green and black snake appeared. He insisted on speaking with me. He said he had an urgent message for my client. He said that she and her husband should look out for a snake in the grass. The snake told me there was a man who appeared to be very nice, but that he really was not. When I ask more about who this was, the snake told me that the person’s name started with the letter D and that they would know who it was!

I emailed my client back with the results of “both” communications. To make a long story short, she and her husband were trying to get in touch with a friend to do some handiwork around their home. When they were unsuccessful in getting a call back from him, they decided to look for someone else to give them an estimate. Meanwhile, I sent her my email and she decided to share it with her husband when he got home from work that day. When he arrived home, he was excited to tell her that he had finally talked with the friend who they originally wanted to do the work at their house. He explained to him how they had tried to reach him several times; and, when they were unsuccessful, they called another handyman to give them an estimate. The friend ask him whom he had gotten an estimate from; and, when he said Darren, the friend said, and I quote, ” be careful of him because he is a “SNAKE IN THE GRASS”! ┬áMy client immediately showed her husband my email with what the snake had told me!

I loved that reading and confirmation the family received. I thanked the snake for his message and he thanked me for not being afraid of him and for relaying his message to the family.


Snake in the Grass

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