I was contacted by a family who wanted to adopt this little guy. They asked me to confirm that he too wanted to part of their family. They also wanted to know what he would like to be named. After my communication with him – Yes, he wanted to be adopted into their family & also had a few suggestions as to what he’d like to be called. He really wanted to collaborate with his new family in coming up with a name but he did offer these two suggestions – Finley or Tate.

He said if they chose Tate then the kids could call him “Tater”. After calling the family back with the results of our conversation, I asked them what they called him when they went to visit him. They said they called him by what the breeder named him…… Hashbrown! I guess he thought if he was going to be named after a potato, he’d rather be called Tater than Hashbrown! Lol!


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